• 16 Sep 2010 9:20 AM | Anonymous
    CPMP September Event - Practical Agile Project Management

    Data/Time: Sunday, September 26, 2010, 1PM to 5PM
    Location: North York Civic Center, Committee Room #3
    PDU: 3

    In a world of high customer expectations, quick turn-around and tighter budgets how can projects sustain and deliver? Agile Methodology is touted to be one way of delivering projects in a world of expectations and in a tighter economic situation. This topic will explore what is Agile development? How to manage and deliver projects in Agile manner. Furthermore, this topic will explore some additional success factors for Agile methodology such as Leadership agility, Agile Spaces etc. In the later panel session, Larry will use a real business case to introduce concurrent product development system in the process engineering. Then Vijay, Larry, John and Shenyin will discuss agile related topics, such as, Change management and resistance, major challenges, Agile phases and Leading self-organizing team.

    Keynote speaker:
    Vijay Chander – Senior Program Manager at Rogers Communication Inc.

    Panel Members:
    Vijay Chander – Senior Program Manager at Rogers Communication Inc.
    Larry Zhou – P. Eng, Director of Operations at Inertia Engineering
    John Wang – Agile Project Manager at one of the largest software companies
    ShenYin – EMBA, Senior Project Management Consultant &Trainer

    Facilitator: Howard Huang

    1:00PM: Registration &Networking
    1:15PM: Keynote presentation – Vijay
    3:00PM: Break
    3:15PM: Panel session – Vijay, Larry, John, Shenyin
    4:55PM: Thank you note
    5:00PM: Event Closes

    Registration: Please send email to event@cpmpac.org to register this event or go to (http://www.cpmpac.org)
    CPMP Member: Free
    Non-CPMP Member: $10 (Waive if join CPMP onsite; CPMP Membership fee is $20/year)

    Speakers Bio:
    Vijay Chander is a Certified Project Management Professional and leader with 9+ years of experience in program/project management, software implementation, and process re-engineering. Extensive experience in full lifecycle project management, quality assurance, business continuity, performance management. He has worked over 12 years in Telecommunication industry. Prior to Telecommunications,  Vijay has also worked for Metro Toronto Zoo (not behind the cages) as an Assistant Curator on Butterfly conservation project,   Tropical Rain Forests of  the Philippines and India on various Conservation projects involving habitat development, wildlife management, community development and Community forestry projects.

    Larry Zhou is currently Director, Operations of Inertia Engineering + Design.  Inertia is an Engineering consulting company specialized in automotive, consumer product, and alternative energy industry.  At Inertia, Larry helps build and implements a concurrent product development system.  This system is practical and real world thinking.  By facilitating the complete product development process through collaboration, data management and project management, Inertia continues to positions its customers as leaders in their industries. Concurrent engineering has become an integral part of IE+D’s business model and continues to be a critical success factor in the growth of Inertia Engineering + Design. 

    John Wang is an experienced agile project manager in the IT industry. He is a strong believer of lean and agile principles. He has 15 years of professional experiences with diversified industry exposure. Mr. Wang obtained his PMP designation in 2005 and has been an active member of PMI-SOC and CPMP since then. He is currently mentoring and coaching teams on lean transformation in one of the largest business software companies.

    Shenyin – Well-known Senior Consultant & Trainer for Project management from China
  • 29 Aug 2010 4:41 PM | Anonymous
    Dear CCFA members and friends:

    We successfully held our CCFA 2010 Summer BBQ Party on August 8th, 2010 in a city park at Eglinton/Leslie.  As one of the CCFA annual social events (the Bay Street Xmas party is another well-known annual event), this year’s BBQ party attracted about 200 people’s participations and was supported by over 30 volunteers.   

    CCFA’s newly elected president Yong Wang delivered an opening speech with the new executive team’s mandate of “Expand our Scope, Enhance our Image”. (Please check out our website www.theccfa.ca for more details on the new executive team’s mandate). CCFA’s new vice president Mingqiang Bi, who just came back from China, met with participants.  New vice president Dianna Zhang and past president Ti Wang helped organize the activities with over 30 other volunteers.   

    As a volunteer-based non-profit association, CCFA’s success relies on each member’s support.  For the BBQ event, the executive team would like to thank the following volunteers for their contribution on the event preparation, event organization and post-event news release.  Since we received so many supports during the event, we definitely have missed some volunteers in the following list.

    BBQ event planning and execution:  Xiaobo Wang and Jun Yuan.
    BBQ food delivery:  Yan Chen; James Shen; Leal Lu; Grace Huang
    Barbecue: Ti Wang; Bruce Zhao; Ben Ning; Alvin Zhang; Angeline Lynn; Ming Xie; Fangpeng Dong; David Luo
    Bottle water supply: Vincent Wang; Leal Lu.
    BBQ food service: Yin Dai and others
    Registration: Dianna Zhang; Jun Yuan; Joanna Li; Na Ding; Jane Cheng; Lena Lin
    Game: Chuang Yi; Xiang Li; Anita Shen.
    CleanUp: Alan Yu and others.
    News release draft: Rose Jin.

    Due to the photo size, please paste the following link to view the photo http://picasaweb.google.com/102885414284346993390/CCFA?feat=email

    See you in future CCFA events,

    Xiaobo Wang

    Secretary General of CCFA
  • 29 Aug 2010 10:26 AM | Anonymous
    深圳市人民政府将于2010年9月11日10:00 - 16:00(旧金山)和2010年9月12日15:30 - 17:30(洛杉矶)召开2场面向北美留学人员的招聘会,届时将由深圳市市委书记发表讲话,并与留学人员进行交流互动。
    本 次深圳市海外人才招聘团由深圳市委书记王荣带队,携70余名深圳市政府高官、高校领导、企业高管共同出访。共有招聘单位186家,其中随团招聘50家,委 托招聘137家;提供职位数共639个,对海外人才的需求共2083名;是自深圳经济特区成立30周年来规格最高、规模最大的一次海外招聘,旨在为广大海 外学人提供更为广阔的发展空间。
    王荣         深圳市委书记
    徐安良      深圳市发展和改革委员会主任
    王学为      深圳市科技工贸和信息化委员会主任
    王  敏       深圳市人力资源和社会保障局局长
    汤丽霞      深圳市政府外事办主任
    朱清时      南方科技大学校长
    樊建平      中国科学院深圳先进技术研究院院长
    王利平      中国平安保险有限公司副总经理
    马昭明      华泰联合证劵有限责任公司董事长
    闫晓林      TCL集团工业研究院集团副总裁
    宋婵蓉      国信证券有限责任公司人力资源总部配置经理
    张琦         腾讯集团美国办公室主任
    Microsoft 深圳
    IBM Global Delivery centre, Shenzhen
    通用电气有限公司 GE China 
    California Ballroom
    Marriott Hotel Santa Clara
    2700 Mission College Boulevard
    Santa Clara CA 95054
    Phone: 408.988.1500
    受 深圳市人民政府委托,北美洲中国学人国际交流中心谨向北美学人发布此消息,并诚邀各位海外学人报名参加。如对招聘单位感兴趣,请把简历用电子邮件发给我 们,我们将代为大家转发给招聘单位。如有任何疑问,欢迎随时与我们联系。我们的联系方式为:nacenter2009@gmail.com; 和:naec@ChinaOHR.com;网址:www.chinaoverseashr.com;海外学人给我们的邮件,均将在一天内回复。
  • 07 Jul 2010 11:10 AM | Anonymous
    “第九届北美留交会暨中国高校招聘专场”即将于一周后(2010年7月8日起)在旧金山、纽约、多伦多三地召开。目前,大会组委会正紧锣密鼓地进行大会的 最后筹备工作;海外学人也纷纷向组委会报名,准备参加此次盛会。与前八届北美留交会相比,本届留交会呈现以下几个显著特点。




    高 校一直在中国被认为清水衙门,工资待遇比企业低。所以,在列届北美留交会上,欲回国发展的海外学人,愿报名去中国高校工作的不多。但今非昔比,到目前为 止,在第九届北美留交会报名者中,希望去中国高校工作的海外学人占了报名者的百分之三十以上。这是由于中国经济经过30年腾飞,中国高校也飞速发展。在这 次第九届北美留交会上,北京对外经贸大学、东北林业大学、福建工程学院、厦门理工学院、昆明学院等5所中国高校联合来北美招揽海外人才,他们提供的薪资很 高,待遇也很好。如北京对外经贸大学法学院为海外学人开出了最低30万最高35万元人民币的年薪,相当于年薪5万多美元。如按照中国的实际购买力与物价水 平,则比美国10万美元年薪的生活水平还高得多。在这次大会上,就连位于中国西部地区云南省昆明市的昆明学院,很多招聘岗位均开出了年薪25万元人民币的 水平。这说明,中国西部的经济也在突飞猛进,正向中国沿海发达地区靠拢。在这次大会上,中国的企业开出的年薪更高,厦门某一企业开出了40万元人民币的年 薪。令人更为惊讶的是,中国哈尔滨市的第三中学,也将走出国门参加本届大会,为该校招揽4名海外高层次人才,并开出了不低的年薪(15万元人民币)。这是 北美留交会举办近十年来,第一次有中国的一所中学向大会组委会报名,并来北美设摊招聘人才。这说明,随着中国经济的快速发展,中国的教育单位不仅高校甚至 大中城市中小学的经济状况也越来越好。


    第二,领导高度重视 ,招聘阵容强大


    在第九 届北美留交会上,来北美招聘的中国高校、医院、企业等单位,都由负责人亲自挂帅,飞赴北美,在会场与留学人员面试、洽谈。如北京对外经贸大学的国贸学院院 长、法学院院长、金融学院院长;东北林业大学校长;昆明学院院长;厦门理工学院院长;厦门市第一医院院长助理;厦门中山医院院长;昆明市延安医院党委副书 记;昆明市第一人民医院副院长;厦门市三安光伏有限公司总经理等。这说明,中国招聘单位尤其是领导,对海外人才高度重视,派出了强大的招聘阵容,并由于有 经济基础作支撑,底气十足,招聘海外人才有势在必得之势。




    参 加第九届北美留交会的国内招聘单位来自中国的5个城市:北京、厦门、福州、昆明与哈尔滨。他们提供的招聘职位众多,达967个,其中金融岗位12个,企业 岗位335个,高校岗位524个,医院岗位92个,中学岗位4个。这说明,由于中国经济的崛起,让中国从发达的沿海地区到原来相对落后的内陆地区,从大型 国营企业到一般民营企业,从高校到中学,从医院到科研机构,中国已全方位向海外人才敞开了大门,并拥有了招聘海外人才的经济实力与底气。




    至 目前,报名参会的海外学人层次很高。在数百名报名参会的海外学人中,拥有博士学历者占百分之五十以上,拥有硕士学历者占百分之四十以上,两者相加达百分之 九十以上。报名者的专业领域涵盖广泛,包括信息技术、生物、医学、经济、管理、金融、法学、文学等。另外,在这次报名参会者中,拥有工作经验者占百分之八 十以上,其中,有五年以上工作经验者占百分之六十以上,有10年以上工作经验者占百分之二十以上。这说明,美国的经济至今仍比较低迷,就业形势至今仍十分 严峻。许多原来有工作的海外学人失去了工作,许多现仍在工作岗位上的海外学人也面临失业的危机。美国经济的不景气,也从另一个侧面,凸显与衬托了中国经济 的崛起。




            史  薇    对外经济贸易大学人事处处长

            丁志杰    对外经济贸易大学金融学院院长

            王  稳    对外经济贸易大学组织部部长

            葛  赢    对外经济贸易大学国贸学院副院长

            王  军    对外经济贸易大学法学院院长

            严红卫    对外经济贸易大学国际处科长


            杨传平    东北林业大学校长、教授

            周宏力    东北林业大学人事与专家工作处处长


            朱文章    厦门市理工学院副院长


            林建民    福建工程学院人事处处长


            罗明东    昆明学院副院长

            王定康    昆明学院科研处处长


            白  雨    哈尔滨市第三中学校对外交流部主任

            王  蕴    哈尔滨市第三中学校对外交流部欧美分部主任

            乔思涛    哈尔滨市第三中学校对外交流部欧美分部职员


            林志东    厦门市三安光伏有限公司总经理

            林珍珍    厦门市三安光伏有限公司部门经理

            李金贵    厦门市三安光伏有限公司部门经理


            邱曙平    厦门市海翼集团有限公司


            郭佩钗    厦门市第一医院院长助理、人事处主任


            王效民    厦门中山医院院长


            于文范    昆明市延安医院党委副书记


            李晓延    昆明市第一人民医院业务副院长


            黄 梅    昆明市人力资源和社会保障局副局长

            夏东慧    昆明市人力资源和社会保障局处长


            刘育生    厦门市人事局局长


            姜  杰    厦门市卫生局副局长




            有意参会的中国学人,请把简历、应聘职位、参会地点(旧金山/纽约/多伦多)发至:nacenter2009@gmail.com ,我们将会在一个工作日内回复您。





  • 31 May 2010 8:41 AM | Anonymous
    Dear CCFA members:

    As you know we have a new president now. Yong Wang will be the president of CCFA from now on.

    I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Yong and wish him and his team all the success to lead CCFA to the future.

    In the past 3 years of my tenure as the president of CCFA, you have given me very valuable trust and support. I am so proud of this association and my team.

    We all know Charles Cai, Xiaobo Wang, Jun Yuan, Chuang Yi, Michael Wang, Yeqi He, Kelwin Meng, Ariel Liang, Duan Qian, Dianna Zhang, Mike Chen, Yong Wang and Houben Huang who are all-time active supporters and volunteers. I wish I could mention all volunteers who contributed their time and energy to various CCFA’s activities, but it is impossible. I owe all of you a big THANK YOU.

    Now it is the time to move on. I will continue to support CCFA, and wish we all work together to help CCFA’s causes.

    Thanks again,

    Ti Wang
  • 31 May 2010 8:39 AM | Anonymous
    Dear CCFA Members,

    Based all of your participation and support, I am very pleased to announce the CCFA election results:

        1.    Yong Wang was elected to be the CCFA new President, effective immediately based on Board of Director meeting on May 27. President Yong Wang will set up his new management committee and make his announcement shortly;

        2.    The election has also passed the set up of a Chairperson (理事长) position within the Board of Directors of the CCFA. Our new President Yong Wang will carry on the election of the Chairperson (理事长) .

    Congratulations to our new President Yong Wang. We all strongly believe that his leadership together with new management team, will lead the CCFA to a more successful and influential stage!

    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank President Ti Wang and his management team for the great work during the past three years! There were so many important things that Ti Wang and his team have done to the CCFA, especially on set-up lunch-and-learn program; Annual CCFA's recreation programs (Christmas Parties, BBQ parties); mentorship program for graduate students; educational program to the Chinese community in GTA on common knowledge of investment; much enhanced communication and training programs with the professionals from Chinese financial industry. The CCFA has been promoted significantly with full alignment of our defined  mission statements in the past three years! Congratulations to Ti Wang and his team for the great success!

    Of course, all the successes are because of all of your strong support! Without your support, there would be no today's CCFA! We sincerely wish your continued support and contribution to this very well positioned professional association!


    Houben Huang
  • 22 Apr 2010 9:32 PM | Anonymous
    Dear CCFA Members,

    eFinancialCareers the world’s leading financial job board, has launched a China-specific job site and would like to invite you to take part in a short survey on China as part of their ongoing bid to improve their services.
    We hope you'll take the time to share your thoughts on the China job market and any interest you may have in pursuing a career in that region so that they can continue to develop their services to meet your current needs.
    Please click here to take the survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WY6SRQ9

    We appreciate your time.
    Many thanks,
    The eFinancialCareers Team
  • 10 Apr 2010 10:17 AM | Anonymous
    Dear CCFA Members,

    At the request of our President Ti Wang, I am co-ordinating the CCFA election.

    As you know, President Ti Wang has been running our CCFA for 3 years now, and he has made tremendous progress and achievement during his term. There will be a separate note about Ti's contribution. According to the CCFA Bylaw, it is time for a new election call.

    The election process is highlighted as following:

    1.    Election call message sent out to all members (this message);

    2.    As per Bylaw, any member can apply for the president candidacy. Any interested candidate is required to submit his/her application together with an election statement to me within 2 weeks from today, that is, application has to be submitted by the latest April 24th;

    3.    After receiving all the applications, within one week, I will send the candidates' materials to the CCFA Board of Director members for election. Please refer to our website for the election process (www.theCCFA.ca);

    4.    Within 2 weeks after BOD members receive the candidates' material, all the BOD members are required to vote on the candidacy by email sending to me and Charles Cai, our current secretary;

    5.    Charles and I will review the voting results and report them to the BOD members;

    6.    A BOD meeting is then called by current President Ti Wang, to welcome the new President, and the new President will deliver his/her key messages/statements to the BOD about the CCFA new future state and vision;

    7.    At this point, President Ti Want will officially announce the new President to all the CCFA members;

    8.    The new President will then send his/her message to all the CCFA members and deliver his/her key messages. At this point, the election is officially finished.

    It has also been proposed by President Ti Wang that during the election process, BOD members will also vote on if the CCFA needs a Chairperson (理事长) position of the BOD. If it is agreed based on the voting results, the new President will carry on the continued election of the Chairperson (理事长).

    To clarify, I am not applying for the new President position, so there will be no conflict of interest.

    If you are interested in applying for the presidency, please send me your application together with your election statements by April 24th, 2010!


    Houben Huang
  • 10 Apr 2010 10:09 AM | Anonymous
    CCFA actively participated in "3-27 Chinese Stemcell Registration Drive". More than 42 CCFA members and friends registered before March 27.

    Dr. Chuang Yi is the coordinator of CCFA's efforts. Thanks for his team's efforts.

    For more information about stem cell donation, please contact either Dr. Chuang Yi or OneMatch (www.onematch.ca).
  • 10 Apr 2010 10:02 AM | Anonymous
    On Feb 23, 2010, Mr. Greg Degez, an FX trader with RBC Capital Markets, gave a session on "Currency and Derivatives Trading Overview". More than 45 CCFA members attended the seminar.
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