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About CCFA

The Canadian Chinese Finance Association (“CCFA”) is an independent and not-for- profit organization established in 2001. It is an organization of finance professionals and scholars in both Canada and China. Current, CCFA has over 3,000 full time members in both countries.

CCFA sees itself as a bridge to facilitate the development of business relations, the discovery of investment opportunities, the promotion of cutting edge financial educations as well as the establishment of world leading regulatory and business practices. Over the last decade, CCFA has taken a leadership role in organizing finance forums, seminars and education workshops in both Canada and China. In addition, partnering with government bodies, major financial institutions and educational organizations, CCFA has hosted numerous delegations and professional exchanges in a wide range of areas. To assist career development, CCFA has pioneered the Finance Student Mentorship Program and has facilitated a number of Career Fairs. As a socially responsible organization, CCFA also devotes its resources to charitable and disaster-relief campaigns.

The Board of Directors and the Advisory Board comprised of leading scholars and senior industry executives provide guidance and oversight to CCFA. The regular operation of CCFA is led by an executive committee chaired by the President. The current President of CCFA is Dianna Zhang, MBA, CFA. She is also a Vice President at the Scotiabank.

Mission Statement
  • The CCFA seeks to facilitate information exchange in research, education, regulation and business practices of finance and its related areas in Canada and China.
  • The CCFA encourages members to understand both Canadian and Chinese financial systems in a broad view and actively participate in the modernization process of Chinese financial industry.
  • The CCFA welcomes opportunities, which conform to Bylaws and the interests of the CCFA members, in such forms as joint research projects, education programs, publications or any others, in finance or its related areas.
  • The CCFA encourages members to develop their career path and professional competency in conformity with Bylaws


The CCFA is governed by the Board of Directors elected during its general membership meeting. Approved by the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee carries out the duty of daily operation and management


Ms. Dianna Zhang (Bank of Nova Scotia)

Vice President

Michael Wang, VP, Event Organization

Joe Lu, VP, External relationship

Jin Wang, VP, Membership

James Shen, VP, Mentorship

Laurent Gang Wu, VP, Education

Duan Lian, VP, Communication

Yadong Wang, VP, Infrastructure

Jessie Huang, VP, Marketing

Luyang Yan, VP, Young Professionals

President Emeritus

Dr. Houben Huang (Bank of Montreal)

Secretary General

Dr. Xiaobo Wang (Bank of Nova Scotia)


Dr. Yeqi He (Royal Bank of Canada)

  Study Groups:

ALM study group, Gavin Jiang, Luan Pan

Risk Study group, Yuan Jun, Yicent Chen

IT Study group, James Shen, Brianna Su

CCFA Board of Directors









活动组织:   王英猛

对外关系:  卢晓晖,

会员管理:  王谨

导师学生组对管理: 沈建明

会员培训:  吴刚

信息交流:  段莲

IT平台:     王亚东





资产债务管理学习小组:    蒋项东,潘峦
风险管理学习小组:            袁俊,Yicent 陈
IT 学习小组:                      沈建明,  苏伯彦

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