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        加中金融协会是一个非盈利性的组织. 成立于2001年. 由加拿大的金融领域和教育领域的专业人士成立。协会的宗旨是给会员创造一个学习和提升的平台。并促进中国和加拿大金融界的交流。同时也加强华人社区在加拿大金融界的影响力。


         作为会长,我承诺继续发扬协会的精神,并且倾听会员的需求, 和中国金融协会的工作人员及董事会一起密切合作, 弘扬协会的宗旨。相信我们一定能继续互相帮助,一起成长。建立一个强有力的,互通的和有影响力的华人社区的金融协会。

The Canadian-Chinese Finance Association (The CCFA) is a not-for-profit organization founded by Chinese professionals in Canada’s financial industry and educational institutions in 2001. The objective of the association is to create an enabling environment to help members develop their professional career and facilitate information exchange within financial industry in Canada and China.

Since 2001, the scope of the Association has broadened considerably in this relatively short time and our member bases are growing exponentially. This reflects the increasing strengths and diversity of organization, and the corresponding expansion in demands of Association members. It has made concrete contribution in helping members with their professional development and facilitating the exchange of information between Canadian and Chinese financial industry. Over the course of the development, many people have contributed to the CCFA’s success, far too many names to be mentioned here.

As President of the CCFA Association, I commit to provide the leadership the Association requires in order to achieve its objectives and implement its strategies, and commit to listen and respond to your needs as members and work very closely with each of you. I believe together, we can help each other to grow, and to build a strong, well connected and influential Chinese finance association.


 会长:张文琦 ( Dianna Zhang )



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