CCFA 2010 Summer BBQ Party Successfully Held

29 Aug 2010 4:41 PM | Anonymous
Dear CCFA members and friends:

We successfully held our CCFA 2010 Summer BBQ Party on August 8th, 2010 in a city park at Eglinton/Leslie.  As one of the CCFA annual social events (the Bay Street Xmas party is another well-known annual event), this year’s BBQ party attracted about 200 people’s participations and was supported by over 30 volunteers.   

CCFA’s newly elected president Yong Wang delivered an opening speech with the new executive team’s mandate of “Expand our Scope, Enhance our Image”. (Please check out our website for more details on the new executive team’s mandate). CCFA’s new vice president Mingqiang Bi, who just came back from China, met with participants.  New vice president Dianna Zhang and past president Ti Wang helped organize the activities with over 30 other volunteers.   

As a volunteer-based non-profit association, CCFA’s success relies on each member’s support.  For the BBQ event, the executive team would like to thank the following volunteers for their contribution on the event preparation, event organization and post-event news release.  Since we received so many supports during the event, we definitely have missed some volunteers in the following list.

BBQ event planning and execution:  Xiaobo Wang and Jun Yuan.
BBQ food delivery:  Yan Chen; James Shen; Leal Lu; Grace Huang
Barbecue: Ti Wang; Bruce Zhao; Ben Ning; Alvin Zhang; Angeline Lynn; Ming Xie; Fangpeng Dong; David Luo
Bottle water supply: Vincent Wang; Leal Lu.
BBQ food service: Yin Dai and others
Registration: Dianna Zhang; Jun Yuan; Joanna Li; Na Ding; Jane Cheng; Lena Lin
Game: Chuang Yi; Xiang Li; Anita Shen.
CleanUp: Alan Yu and others.
News release draft: Rose Jin.

Due to the photo size, please paste the following link to view the photo

See you in future CCFA events,

Xiaobo Wang

Secretary General of CCFA
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