CCFA 2010 Election

10 Apr 2010 10:17 AM | Anonymous
Dear CCFA Members,

At the request of our President Ti Wang, I am co-ordinating the CCFA election.

As you know, President Ti Wang has been running our CCFA for 3 years now, and he has made tremendous progress and achievement during his term. There will be a separate note about Ti's contribution. According to the CCFA Bylaw, it is time for a new election call.

The election process is highlighted as following:

1.    Election call message sent out to all members (this message);

2.    As per Bylaw, any member can apply for the president candidacy. Any interested candidate is required to submit his/her application together with an election statement to me within 2 weeks from today, that is, application has to be submitted by the latest April 24th;

3.    After receiving all the applications, within one week, I will send the candidates' materials to the CCFA Board of Director members for election. Please refer to our website for the election process (;

4.    Within 2 weeks after BOD members receive the candidates' material, all the BOD members are required to vote on the candidacy by email sending to me and Charles Cai, our current secretary;

5.    Charles and I will review the voting results and report them to the BOD members;

6.    A BOD meeting is then called by current President Ti Wang, to welcome the new President, and the new President will deliver his/her key messages/statements to the BOD about the CCFA new future state and vision;

7.    At this point, President Ti Want will officially announce the new President to all the CCFA members;

8.    The new President will then send his/her message to all the CCFA members and deliver his/her key messages. At this point, the election is officially finished.

It has also been proposed by President Ti Wang that during the election process, BOD members will also vote on if the CCFA needs a Chairperson (理事长) position of the BOD. If it is agreed based on the voting results, the new President will carry on the continued election of the Chairperson (理事长).

To clarify, I am not applying for the new President position, so there will be no conflict of interest.

If you are interested in applying for the presidency, please send me your application together with your election statements by April 24th, 2010!


Houben Huang
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