Volunteers Needed - Bay Street Chinese Xmas Party

10 Oct 2007 7:47 AM | Anonymous
Dear fellow CCFA members:
It's that time of the year again! It's time for our annual ritual: execute the project to host the Bay Street Chinese Xmas Party!

So you know what we are after: volunteers to make it happen, volunteers to create yet another memorable event. And we need to put together the following teams:

1. the MC team. This will be the sole and spirit of the day. Karen and Ken have served very well in the past two years. While they can continue serving us for the foreseeable future, it's a good idea to encourage new faces to stand out, and Karen and Ken have expressed their willingness to offer this wonderful opportunity to show talents to others. Please recommend and encourage those who you think can perform well as an MC to forward their names to Michael.Wang@cibc.com. We shall have an audition!

2. the ticket team. We shall need as many volunteers to help distribute the tickets as possible. Please volunteer yourselves to JulianaYi.Ding@bmo.com. We shall start promoting and selling tickets soon.

3. the gate-keeper team. This team will help put things in order on the day of the party, including ticket collection, entrance order keeping, and general helpers. Please volunteer yourselves and encourage others to volunteer to Ti.Wang@rbc.com or Charles Cai [ccai@deloitte.ca].

4. the fund-raising team. Well, you know how important this is. Please forward your ideas to Yong.Wang@rbc.com.
And please be prepared to be called upon to help out (so it fares better to volunteer:-)
Also, we shall continue our tradition of self entertainment; that is, we shall require those who have a talent to show to come out and entertain ourselves. We've tried the "Bay Street Idol" idea. We continue invite all ideas that entertain. Please spread the words, and forward your ideas and names that you recommend for a "talent show" to Michael.Wang@cibc.com.

Thank you for your volunteering, and together, let's set up a party that people will long to come!
CCFA Bay Street Chinese Xmas Party Commettee.
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