Please mark your calendar: TCFA Conference at Columbia Univerisity

19 Sep 2007 4:30 PM | Anonymous
TCFA will host its annual meeting on October 27, 2007 at Columbia University in the City of New York. 

This year our conference topic is “China and Global Financial Markets: Challenges and Opportunities”. With months of preparation, we have a very exciting program this year. 

Jeffery Shafer, Vice Chairman of Citigroup Global Banking, and former Under Secretary of US Treasury, drawing his rich public and private sector experiences, will share his global perspectives.

It’s hard to discuss financial markets in 2007 without mentioning subprime. Our panelists consist of an investor, an ABS strategist, a representative from rating agency, and a regulator. Through discussions, our panelists will try to address the topic “Subprime: What happened? What went wrong? What’s going to happen?” from their own perspectives.

Is China stock market a bubble? What are the trends for China asset management and security industries? Senior managers from China will join us sharing their views on these topics. 2007 is also an eventful year for hedge funds and private equity funds. We have sessions addressing challenges and opportunities in these sectors from both USA and China.

Professor Andy Lo from MIT will share his recent research results in hedge fund risk management and adaptive efficient market. The 2007 TCFA-CICC China Capital Market Best Paper Award competition invites high-quality research in all fields of finance that addresses or offers important implications for key issues in the development of China capital market. We will find out winners during this conference.

There are a lot of uncertainties in current job markets. What’s the trend for Wall Street job market in 2008? We have representatives try to answer these questions.

Reception, dinner and entertainment will help you relax and network.

Please mark your calendars. We will provide details of the program and how to register in a later email.

Thank you!
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