Universiyt of Toronto MMF Symposium, Blue Mountain / Feb 4-7, 2016

21 Dec 2015 10:10 PM | Siyao He (Administrator)

UofT MMF is inviting CCFA Members to attend their upcoming summit in Feb 4-7, 2016 ! ! !


Global Perspectives on Financial Innovation 

 The consequences of the crisis of 2008 are still being felt in the financial sector.  

While stock markets are at their all time highs, and interest rates at their all time lows, the changes in regulation are definitely having an impact in the evolution of financial market participants, especially banks. 

On the other hand, the fintech sector, contemporary Davids threatening the empire of Goliath, and shadow banking activity open in the mainstream, one may wonder where the world of quantitative finance is going. 

The MMF Symposium will bring together practitioners and academics to share their vision with all of us and help us determine what the future will bring us.  

There is a competition between innovation and regulation. The winner will redefine the sector.

Come to the MMF Symposium 2016 to check the score.

- Luis Seco, Director MMF




          KEYNOTE SPEAKER           

          The Force           



 Mike Durland

Group Head and CEO of Global Banking and Markets // Scotiabank


I first met Mike Durland in 1996, as RiskLab-Toronto was being created. He was instrumental in the creation of Risklab and MMF also; in fact, he served in the industrial advisory board for several years, and a lot of the MMF vision and curriculum was created with his input. To this day we still feel his vision in the program, and I am specially proud and happy that he will be joining us at the Symposium this year.

- Luis Seco, Director MMF 



           QUESTIONS & ANSWERS           

 The secrets of the Galactic Empire 

Interview with:







Camilla Sutton

Managing Director & Head Global Foreign Exchange // Scotiabank


Megan Vesely

       Chief Counsel // Sigma Analysis and Management



Interview with:









Michael Zerbs

        Executive Vice President & Co-Head IT & Enterprise Technology // Scotiabank


Dan Rosen

        Managing Director of Risk and Analytics // S&P Capital IQ




          TED TALK         

    Obi-Wan’s wisdom    

"From MMF to Audit – Adaptation in an Evolving Regulatory Environment" 


Alyson Bailey-Flynn

  Regional Chief Auditor Europe // Scotiabank


It is 1998, and the first class of MMF is sitting in a U-shaped table arrangement, waiting for me to teach them risk management. Amongst them there is one, a graduate from Saint Mary's University, a physicist, whose understated presence did not fool me: I knew she was brilliant. Seventeen years later she has graduated to a higher galaxy, Regional Chief Auditor for Scotiabank in London. Innovation versus regulation? She is the best of both.

- Luis Seco, Director MMF 





        Reports from the Jedi         





Breakthroughs in distributed ledger technology - A crash course on blockchains and smart contracts.

Virgile Rostand

Founder & M.D // Coinsquare



Outlook for the Robo Advisor Industry's Evolution

Richard Kang

Chief Investment Officer // FTSE Group



Advanced Portfolio Insurance Techniques for funding ratio management.

Adina Grigoriu

Founding Partner & CEO // Active Asset Allocation



Investing in Ontario’s Public Infrastructure: A Prosperity at Risk Perspective

Paul Smetanin

President and CEO // Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis



Financial Innovation: The Case of a Hedge Fund Index Replicator

Pierre Laroche

M.D. - R&D - Derivatives Products // National Bank Financial Products






           Inside the ship      


This panel will examine various elements of investing in hedge funds, in addition to the convergence of different worlds (long-only, hedge funds, private equity).  Nuggets of wisdom in Due diligence - investment, operational, and structural will be furnished. Quantitative equity asset management, asset allocation, and risk management will also be discussed.  The impact of investing via managed accounts will be discussed.  This panel will have a global lens.





Ryan Gonzalvez

Vice President

// The Carlyle Group



Srikanth Iyer

M.D., Head of Systematic Strategies // Guardian Capital



Ranjan Bhaduri

Chief Research Officer

// Sigma Analysis and Management




Predatory trading, dark pools, high frequency trading, MNPI: do these terms denote a new profession is under development?



Peter Berdeklis

Portfolio Manager and Head of Algorithmic Trading // Maple Securities


Rob Almgren

M.D. - R&D - Derivatives Products // National Bank Financial Products 


Gloria Tam

Portfolio Manager // Cubist Systematic Strategies


Luis Seco

Director // MMF

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