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CCFA Pro+第四站——拥抱AI!

10 May 2024 11:30 AM | Anonymous

5月5日上周日,我们成功举办了CCFA Pro+今年的第四场活动—AI实验室,有机会让金融领域的专业人士亲身体验AI的应用魅力!

活动主讲人Calson Sheng带领大家展开深入讨论,主持人是Oliver Xin。

【Carlson Sheng: Versatile Entrepreneur, founding Next 36, specializing in machine learning and industrial automation and AI solutions】







This past Sunday, we hosted CCFA's 4th Pro+event: the first-ever AI Lab with hands-on AI applications for finance professionals! This event featured a panel led byCalson Shengand was facilitated by Oliver Xin. Calson discussed three common use-cases for AI and broke down misconceptions about the use of AI in the finance industry. Some concerns were discussed related to AI privacy and data security, and Calson explained how large banks could tackle such security concerns.

Calson then led a workshop and introduced three AI tools that could benefit finance professionals:
PDF.aiutilizes artificial intelligence to summarize PDF documents. It employs algorithms to accurately extract text and images, saving professionals time reading long documents. Additionally,PDF.aioffers features like optical character recognition (OCR) to convert scanned PDFs into editable text.

2. Gamma (
Gamma is a platform that creates slideshows using user-generated prompts. The interface is very flexible, allowing users to customize slide deck headings and colours before creating the result. Users can download the finalized slide deck in PDF and pptx formats.

3. Suno (
Suno is an AI-music generation platform that allows anyone to be a musician. Users can enter simple prompts and algorithms will generate music of a desired genre with auto-generated lyrics. Using this software the CCFA team was able to generate a CCFA theme song!

This workshop highlighted some of the many ways AI can improve business processes and streamline operations for professionals in all industries. Whether through simplifying workflow or data cleansing, AI tools can enhance the efficiency of learning and work but also bring us surprises and funs,interactive moments to our lives.

Thanks for everyone's participation and dedication and Calson‘s great sharing to putting technology at the service of humanity, allowing everyone to enjoy the creativity and boundless possibilities brought by technology. The future is already here!


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