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演讲嘉宾 Speakers


Honorable Charles Sousa

Ontario Minister of Finance

Charles was first elected in October 2007. He has held positions as Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Minister Responsible for the 2015 Pan & ParaPan American Games, Minister of Labour and Chair of Treasury Board and Management Board of Cabinet. He has also served as Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Economic Development Trade and the Minister of Government Consumer Services.

As Minister of Finance, Charles has delivered multiple Budgets and Fall Economic Statements. He negotiated the formation of the Canadian Cooperative Securities Regulator and continues to lead a national discussion on retirement income security. As Minister of Labour, Charles led the largest overhaul of Ontario’s occupational health and safety system in 30 years. As Minister of Citizenship & Immigration he introduced an immigration strategy to foster more support of settlement and newcomer representation in Ontario. He also served as a member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Toronto Board of Trade, and as a director of the American Chamber of Commerce.

Charles’ commitment to community service earned him the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal in 2003 and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012. He was also inducted as a Commander to the Order of Merit in Portugal.

Charles holds Honours BA in Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University in 1982 and an Executive MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business in 1994

 Charles Sousa 安大略省财政厅长

Charles Sousa 在2007 年当选安大略省立法委员会的自由党党员。他曾担任移民部部长,负责2015 年泛美及超泛美运动会,劳工部长,财政部董事会成员以及内阁管理委员会成员。还曾担任经济发展贸易部部长与政府财政支出部部长的国会助理。

作为财务部长,Charles 已经提交了多份预算及秋季财务报表。他致力于组建加拿大合作化证券监管机构,不断领导及推进关于退休收入保障的全国性探讨。作为劳工部长,30 年来持续领导安大略省进行最大的职业健康与安全体系的改革。作为移民部部长,他提出一项移民策略,来支持及促进安省当地居民与新移民之间的沟通。Charles 同时还担任加拿大商会,多伦多贸易委员会的成员和美国商会董事会成员。

2003 年,由于Charles 对社区服务的不断贡献,获得了女王金禧奖。并于2012 年获得女王钻石纪念奖,同时他还被任命为葡萄牙勋章指挥官。

Charles 于1982 年获得罗瑞尔大学的工商管理学士学位,并于1994 年获得Richard Ivey 商学院执行MBA 学位。


Ian C. W. Russell

President and Chief Executive Officer of the Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC), a position he has held since its inauguration in April 2006.

In his 20-year tenure with the IDA and the IIAC, he has participated actively in many committees and working groups involved in regulatory and tax issues related to the securities industry and capital markets in Canada.

In January 2014, Mr. Russell was appointed Chair of the International Council of Securities Associations (ICSA).

Mr. Russell has an Honours degree in Economics and Business from the University of Western Ontario, and MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science.


Ian Russell 先生自2006 年4月加拿大投资业协会(IIAC) 成立以来一直担任总裁及首席执行官。

在他20年的加拿大证券业协会(IDA) 和加拿大投资业协会IIAC任职内,他积极参与了许多有关加拿大证券业和资本市场的监管及税质改革的委员会及工作组工作。

2014年1月,Russell 先生被任命为国际证券业协会理事会主席。



Honorable Michael Chen

Minister of International Trade, Province of Ontario

Michael Chan was first elected to the Ontario legislature as the MPP for Markham in by-election in 2007. He was then elected as the MPP for Markham-Unionville in 2007, and re-elected in 2011 and 2014.

He is currently serving as Minister of International Trade, and prior to that was Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade.

During his tenture at Quee’s Park, Chan has also served as Minister of Revenue and Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. In the latter role, he focused on enhancing Ontario’s ability to attract jobs and skilled employees and worked to expanbd the province’s bridge training programs that assist new comers with economic integration.

Prior to embarking on his political career, Chan – who emigrated from Hong Kong more than 40 years ago and has lived in Markham since 1995 – owned and operated an insurance brokerage firm.



陈先生于2007年安大略省议会增补选举中当选为代表万锦市的议会议员。后于再次于2011, 2014年当选为代表万锦和优尼维尔选区的省议会议员。他目前担任安大省国际贸易于厅长,此前是安大略省公民、移民事务和国际贸易厅厅长。



Douglas Porter

BMO Chief Economist

Douglas Porter has over 30 years of experience analyzing global economies and financial markets. As Chief Economist, he oversees the firm’s macroeconomic and financial market forecasts and manages the team that has won numerous awards, including Best Forecaster for Canada by Focus Economics in 2016, top Canadian forecaster by Bloomberg and the prestigious Lawrence Klein award for forecast accuracy of the U.S. economy.

Douglas is a member of C.D. Howe’s Monetary Policy Council and serves on the Investment Management Committees of the Bank of Montreal’s Canada Pension Plan and Western’s Endowment Fund. He also sits on the Board of Directors of the Toronto Financial Services Alliance.

Douglas Porter


Douglas Porter先生现任满地可银行首席经济学家。Porter先生拥有逾30年的分析全球经济和金融市场经验。作为满地可银行的首席经济学家,他负责把控公司在宏观金融和资本市场预测的走向,并成功带领团队赢得了很多经济预测方面奖项,其中包括2016年加拿大最佳经济关注预测,Bloomberg加拿大最佳预测以及享负盛名的Lawrence Klein美国经济预测准确度大奖。

Porter先生是C.D Howe’s 货币政策委员会成员并任职于于满地可银行养老金机会及Western’s 捐赠基金的投资委员会。他同时担任多伦多金融服务联盟委员会会长一职。


Bin Xia

Honorable Head of Research Institute of Finance, Development Research Center of the State Council (P.R. China)

Mr. Xia also holds the position as head of Native Economics Strategy Research Institute in Nan Kai University and several other important positions in Chinese economy area. Before join DRC, Mr. Xia worked in People Bank of China and had research focus on macroeconomics policy, monetary policy, financial regulatory and the development of China’s capital market.

Mr. Xia’s research had won numerous awards, including SunZhiFang economic award and National Excellent Paper in China Society of Finance and Banking.





Yong Wang, PhD CFA FRM

Chief Risk Officer Everbright Securities

Dr. Yong Wang is currently the Chief Risk Officer of Everbright Securities where he is responsible for Risk Management, Finance, IT and Investment Quality Control. Prior to that, he was a managing director in Royal Bank of Canada. Dr Wang, is a CFA chartered holder and a certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM). Since returning to China in 2014, he he has been selected as a member of China Global Experts Program by City of Shanghai and Central Government, respectively.

Dr. Yong Wang has authored and translated many books in the area finance, covering risk management for financial institutions, financial derivatives, Blockchain applications in finance and investment portfolio analysis. He is the vice-chair of the accounting and risk control committee of China Securities Industry Association, Appointed Expert by National Association of Oversea Chinese, Adjunct Professor of People’s University and Beijing University of Foreign Trade.






HE Wei

Consul General, Consulate General of PRC in Toronto

Mr He accomplished diplomat with over 20 years’ experience and have held various posts since he joined Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), People’s Republic of China (PRC). Prior to his current appointment as Consul General at the Consulate General of PRC in Toronto, he was the Deputy Director General, Department of Boundary and Ocean Affairs, MFA during 2013-2017; Counselor, Embassy of PRC in the Republic of India (2010-2013); Counselor, Embassy of PRC in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (2009-2010); Second Secretary, then Deputy Division Director, First Secretary, Department of Asian Affairs, MFA (2004-2009); Second Secretary, Embassy of PRC in the Republic of the Philippines (2001-2004).

HE Wei He has a master's degree in economics.


何先生自从加入中华人民共和国外交部,在20 年得外交生涯中,先后担任了多种职务。在现任职务(中国驻多伦多总领事馆总领事)之前,曾担任外交部的边界和海洋事务部副司长(2013-2017),中华人民共和国驻印度大使馆参赞(2010-2013),中华人民共和国驻特立尼达和多巴哥使馆参赞(2009-2010),先后担任二等秘书,副司长,一等秘书,亚洲事务司司长(2004-2009),中华人民共和国驻菲律宾共和国大使馆二等秘书。



Jean Charest Partner McCarthy Tetrault

Premier of Québec (2003-2012)

Member of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada.

As a former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada and a former Premier of Québec, Jean Charest is one of Canada’s best known political figures.

The Honorable Jean Charest was notably the initiator of the negotiation for the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA). Furthermore, the Charest government initiated an unprecedented labour mobility agreement between France and Québec and was best known for a major initiative for the sustainable development of Northern Québec called “Plan Nord”.

Jean Charest is a Partner at McCarthy Tétrault. He provides invaluable expertise to the firm’s clients with his in-depth knowledge and experience with public policy, corporate Canada and international matters.

莊社理 McCarthy Tetrault 律师事务所合伙人

前任魁北克省省长(2003 - 2012年)


莊社理是加拿大 - 欧盟综合经济与贸易协定(CETA)谈判的特别启动者。 此外,莊社理政府还在法国和魁北克之间发起了前所未有的劳动力自由流动协议,最著名的是魁北克省北部可持续发展“北方计划”的重大举措。



Daniel Moore

Chief Risk Officer, Bank of Nova Scotia

As Chief Risk Officer for Scotiabank, Daniel Moore is responsible for global management of risk, including enterprise, credit and market risk. Prior to his appointment in April 2017, he was Executive Vice President and Chief Market Risk Officer.

Daniel is a member of the Bank’s operating committee, senior risk policy, asset liability committee, market risk, and credit committees.

Daniel joined Scotiabank in 1997 and has held progressively senior roles in Toronto, Europe and Asia. Prior to becoming Chief Market Risk Officer in 2016, Daniel ran the Global Banking and Markets business in Asia-Pacific. He brings a strong focus in developing risk management strategies that align with the Bank's risk tolerance, business objectives and customer focus.

Daniel holds a D. Phil. in Theoretical Physics from Oxford University and a B.Sc. from Queen’s University.

Daniel Moore


作为加拿大丰业银行的首席风险官,Daniel Moore 负责全球风险管理,包括企业,信贷和市场风险。 在2017 年4 月任命之前,他曾担任执行副总裁兼首席市场风险官。

Daniel 是银行运营委员会,高级风险决策,资产负债管理委员会,市场风险和信贷委员会的成员之一。

Daniel 于1997 年加入加拿大丰业银行,并曾在多伦多,欧洲和亚洲担任高级职位。在2016 年成为首席市场风险官之前,在亚太地区执行全球银行类市场业务。他非常重视符合银行风险承受能力,商业目标和客户关注点的风险管理策略。

Daniel 拥有牛津大学理论物理学博士学位以及女王大学学士学位。


Dianna Zhang

Vice President of Global Risk Management in Scotia Bank.

She has been involved in a diverse mix of risk management activities for the past 15+ years. In her current role, Dianna has responsibility for the Bank's credit risk capital, market risk capital, capital optimization, and non-retail expected credit loss for General Allowance and Capital Market exposure measurement. She also directs analysis to market risk Value at Risk and stress testing limit, and counterparty credit limit monitoring. She have over 20 years of managerial and leadership experience in both Canada and China. Dianna holds an MBA and a CFA designation. She has extensive financial analytics experience in enterprise risk, capital management and stress testing covering all risk types. Dianna is a frequent speaker in multiple conferences in North America and Asia. She is also President of Canadian Chinese Finance Association.



张文琦(Dianna Zhang)女士—加中金融协会会长,丰业银行全球风险管理副总裁。张女士负责丰业银行全球业务的市场和信用风险的管理, 以及银行资本金, 准备金的分析和优化,市场和交易对手风险的大数据管理等。此外,她还负责就市场风险价值(VaR),压力测试,交易对手风险等关键指标提出政策方面的建议。 张女士在加拿大和中国合计拥有超过 20年的高层管理经验。她拥有工商管理硕士学位,并持有注册金融分析师证书。她在金融与风险分析领域拥有丰富的经验,涉及方向包括全面风险管理、资本金 管理、压力测试、资产负债管理和流动性风险管理等。作为这些方向的专家,张女士经常受邀,在北美及亚洲的专业会议上演讲。


Alan Wunsche, MBA, CPA, CA

Is a leading blockchain/fintech expert. He has hands-on finance and technology executive with deep governance, strategic planning, process reengineering, big data analytics, risk management and information management transformation consulting experience. Alan was recently elected Canadian Chair of Canada’s ISO/TC307 Blockchain Standards Committee. Alan is a blockchain startup CEO, conference speaker, blockchain community organizer. Throughout his 25 year career, Alan has been a trusted business partner to CIO’s, CFO’s CRO’s, CMO’s and CHRO’s, leading business performance improvement programs by transforming finance, customer and risk IT systems, processes, and organizational structures.

Alan is Founder, TokenFunder.io and CEO Leading Knowledge Ltd., a consultancy focused on digital transformation. Alan is also a Founder of Blockchain Canada (2016), a Canadian federal not-for-profit corporation with a mission to connect Canadian Blockchain Innovators and to help Canada be a leader in blockchain technology.

Alan Wunsche

Alan Wunsche 先生是区块链研究与金融科技类的著名专家。 Wunsche 先生在深度治理,战略规划,流程再造,大数据分析,风险管理和信息管理转型等方面有丰富经验。他最近当选了加拿大ISO/TC307 区块链标准委员会主席。Alan 是Blockchain 计划启动的首席执行官,会议发言人,Blockchain 组织者。在25 年的职业生涯中,他从一个值得信赖的合伙人,到CIO,CRO,CMO 以及CHRO,通过转变金融形式,服务方法,完善风险IT 系统,优化组织结构,从而领导业务绩效的不断进步和发展。

Wunsche 先生创立了TokenFunder 公司并在Leading Knowledge 公司任首席执行官,该公司主要致力于数字化转型的咨询业务。Wunsche 先生同时创立了加拿大区块链(非营利性)组织,该组织致力于加强加拿大区块链创新者之间的联系,并帮助加拿大在区块链技术进步中取得领先地位。


Ray Yuen

Director, Strategy, Global Enterprise Services at TMX Group, and Director, Corporate Strategy at The Canadian Depository for Securities (CDS)

Mr Yuen is responsible for the strategic direction and execution for both of these groups. He joined CDS in 2010, where he has since held a number of positions in Business Development and Corporate Strategy, assuming his current role in June 2013. He assumed additional responsibility for Global Enterprise Services in December 2015.

Prior to working with TMX, he had progressively senior roles in management consulting with IBM Global Business Services. Mr. Yuen completed his MBA with distinction at Ivey Business School. He obtained dual undergraduate degrees in Software Engineering and Business Administration at the University of Hong Kong.






  Dr. En-hui Yang

En-hui Yang has been with the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada since June 1997, where he is now a Professor and Canada Research Chair in information theory and applications. He is the founding director of the Leitch-University of Waterloo multimedia communications lab, a co-founder of SlipStream Data Inc. (now a subsidiary of BlackBerry), and the founder of BicDroid Inc. He currently also serves as an Executive Council Member of China Overseas Exchange Association, an Overseas Advisor for the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the City of Shanghai, a director of the Board of Trustees of Huaqiao University, China, and an Overseas Expert Advisor for the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of China.

He served, among many other roles, as a review panel member for the International Council for Science; an Evaluator for the 2017 Japan Prize (second only to the Nobel Prize in prestige and monetary value); an Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Information Theory; a general co-chair of the 2008 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, the largest premier international conference on information theory in the world;

Dr. Yang is a Fellow of IEEE, a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. He is also a recipient of several awards, a partial list of which includes the prestigious Inaugural Ontario Premier’s Catalyst Award in 2007 for the Innovator of the Year;the 2007 Ernest C. Manning Award of Distinction, one of the Canada's most prestigious innovation prizes;

杨恩怀 滑铁卢大学终生教授

自1997年6月起,任教于加拿大滑铁卢大学(University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)电机与计算机工程系,现任加拿大信息理论与应用的研究主席,加拿大滑铁卢大学终身教授,是滑铁卢大学Leitch-University多媒体通信实验室的创始人,高科技公司Slipstream Data Inc.(现为加拿大BlackBerry公司的子公司)的创始人,高科技公司BicDroid Inc.的创始人兼总裁,同时担任中国海外交流协会常务理事,中国国务院侨办海外专家咨询委员会委员,上海市人民政府侨办海外咨询顾问,四川省海外交流协会顾问,华侨大学董事会董事。

曾任国际科学联盟评委,2017日本奖(仅次于诺贝尔奖)评委,世界信息论领域最具权威和影响力的国际学术期刊IEEE Transactions on Information Theory的编辑;2008年美国电气电子工程协会信息论国际研讨会议(IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory,全球信息论领域最大的顶尖国际会议)联合主席。

2008年当选美国电气电子工程协会院士(Fellow of IEEE),2009年当选加拿大工程院院士,和加拿大皇家科学院院士。获得过诸多奖项,包括首届 (2007年度) 安大略省省长发明奖;2007年加拿大万宁奖(Manning Award)(加拿大最富盛名的发明奖之一)。

 Christine Helsdon Tekker  

Christine Hesston, Managing Director & Head of Canadian Credit, Investment Division, Manulife

 Christine Helsdon Tekker is a Managing Director Head of Canadian Credit for Manulife's Investment Division with responsibility for public, privates, project financing and 3Ps. Before joining Manulife, she had over 20 years of experience in banking focused on the origination, syndication and portfolio management of large debt portfolios. Having working in both Canada and the UK, she shared her financing experience through the design and delivery of an MBA course called International Credit: Markets and Metrics at York University's Schulich Business school. She holds an MBA and LLM.


Min Gao

Head, Treasury Department, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Canada)

Min Gao is Head, Treasury with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Canada), where he is responsible for Treasury management, Fixed Income investment, FX & derivatives and Institutional clients business. In addition to his current role, Min also has responsibility for leveraging capability of RMB clearing bank to provide broader solutions to clients globally.

Previously, Mr. Gao served as project manager of RMB clearing bank and has extensive experience in the risk management as the Deputy, Risk Management Department, where he focused on enterprise risk management.

Min Gao received an Honours Bachelor of Mathematics degree from University of Waterloo, and an MBA from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.







Dr Yanan Wu

Chairman of Zhen Rong Bao, a leading online digital asset allocation platform. ZRB endeavors to provide robo-assetallocation and passive products of active management across multiple asset classes and through online and mobile apps..

Over 20 years’ global investment experience in China andaboard. As the Head of Quantitative Investment for CITIC-Prudential Fund Management for 5 years, he managed about 20 billion (RMB) assets including structured index funds and multistrategy hedge funds. As the VP and senior portfolio manager of TD Asset Management Inc. for 10 years, he managed about 30 billion (CAD) assets including portable alpha and liability-driven products.

CFA,Ph.D in statistical physics

An invited expert appointed by the government of Beijing, awarded a special talent pool of “Returned Overseas”, a leading

entrepreneur of Zhong Guan Village, an executive board member of China Quant-Club, and a board member of China Absolute Return Association.



20 年海外及国内投资管理经验。曾任信诚基金管理公司数量投资总监兼资深基金经理,管理逾200 亿元(人民币)资产,涵盖结构化指数基金和量化多策略对冲产品。曾任加拿大道明资产管理公司副总裁和高级投资经理,管理逾300 亿加元资产,包括可转移阿尔法和负债驱动投资等。

美国金融特许分析师(CFA),1996 年在加拿大获统计物理博士。



Bob Guo

is the founder and CEO of Goldenmount Capital International Inc. He is a seasoned insightful financial executive, team builder, and business leader with international market development skills and has extensive experience in public and private companies as Board member, executive, and advisor. He currently sits on the Board of a Chinese public issuer, China Anhui Xinke New Materials Co., Ltd. (SHA:600255), and a Canadian public issuer, China Wind Power (TSX-V: CNW); he was a Board member of Environmental Waste International Inc. (TSX-V: EWS). Previously, Bob worked for TD and BMO Nesbitt Burns providing financial and advisory services to corporate and individual investors. He was given the Chinese Business Excellence Award for his expertise and professional services.



加拿大金山资本CEO,主要从事企业融资及企业并购等方面的资本运作。还担任中国上市公司鑫科材料(SHA:600255)董事会董事,曾担任加拿大上市公司Environmental Waste International Inc. (TSX-V: EWS)和China Wind Power (TSX-V: CNW) 董事会董事。在2011 年被评为加拿大第6 届杰出华商。加拿大约克大学SCHULICH 商学院金融MBA,毕业后曾在两家加拿大银行的证券公司 (TD WATERHOUSE 与BMO NESBITT BURNS) 从事市场研究及金融投资管理工作。



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