10 Feb 2015 11:08 PM | Yadong Wang (Administrator)

Dear CCFA Board of Directors, Members, Friends and Volunteers,

Time flies! Thanks to all of your hard work, great support and contribution, it has made CCFA a very successful year with record high sponsorship and member involvement! It is time to look back together what we had achieved in year 2014!

  • 2014/1 CCFA student mentor program with York University and UofT
  • 2014/2 Speaker series: Hot Issues in China Pilot Free Trade Zone
  • 2014/3 Conference: CCFA, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Rotman Business School and Toronto Stock Exchange jointly held Conference about Derivative Trading
  • 2014/4 Speaker series: The Structure of Canada Capital Markets and Its Opportunities
  • 2014/5 Conference: Attending the first “WeiMing” Forum hosted by Bejing University Alumni Fund
  • 2014/5 Speaker series: Cutting-Edge Methodology for Stress Testing in Enterprise Risk Management & Leadership
  • 2014/6 Conference: CCFA Leadership event
  • 2014/6 Speaker series: Introduction of banks’ Asset & Liability Management (ALM) related models
  • 2014/7 CCFA Asset & Liability Management (ALM) Study Group was established and have a first Meeting
  • 2014/8 Summer networking event: CCFA-CCPAA Joint Summer Barbeque
  • 2014/9 Speaker series: Interest Rate Modelling in Prolonged Low Rate Environment by John Hull
  • 2014/9  Speaker series: An Overview of Capital Market and Risk Management
  • 2014/10 CCFA Asset & Liability Management (ALM) Study Group Second Meeting
  • 2014/11 Conference: CPMP-CCFA-CCPAA Joint Leadership Conference


  • 2014/12 Winter networking event: 2014 CCFA Christmas Party
  • 2014/12 CCFA Risk study group was established and have first Meeting

To better organize more future CCFA events, and are responsible for CCFA various activities, in the principle to get more people involved, we have recently created new CCFA executive team to serve our members better.

Michael Wang, VP, Event Organization

  • Michael will be responsible for CCFA event organization such as CCFA conference and CCFA networking event (Christmas Party).Michael has been responsible for organizing number of CCFA Christmas Party in the past and an active contributor to the CCFA.

Joe Lu, VP, External relationship

  • Joe will be responsible for developing and maintaining the external relationship for CCFA with other Canadian and Chinese organizations. Joe has been responsible for maintaining external relationships for CCFA including Chinese and Canadian Governmental and non-governmental organizations. He has served as CCFA board and executive for many years in the past.

Jin Wang, VP, Membership

  • Jin will be responsible for CCFA membership management and promotion. She had successfully organized two CCFA Leadership events in year 2014.

James Shen, VP, Mentorship

  • James is in charge of the mentorship program for CCFA. James is seasoned and active CCFA members who has involved in the many training program with Chinese financial industry.

Laurent Gang Wu, VP, Education

  • Laurent will lead CCFA education programs, including seminars, lunch-and-learn series and coordinating study groups. He has helped in organizing and hosting numbers of CCFA speaker series in 2014 such as John Hull’s and Jun Yuan’s presentation in year 2014.

Duan Lian, VP, Communication

  • Lian has been responsible for CCFA communications, such as writing announcement, promoting different event, liaison with media and TV stations. She has helped drafting announcement for numbers of CCFA event before and is actively participating and contributing to CCFA events.

Yadong Wang, VP, Infrastructure

  • Yadong will be responsible for maintaining and applying new technology to build efficient technology platform for CCFA. He developed CCFA WeChat application and led CCFA BBQ event in 2014.

Study Groups:

ALM study group, Gavin Jiang, Luan Pan

Risk Study group, Yuan Jun, Yicent Chen

IT Study group, James Shen

Xiaobo Wang will continuously serve as Secretary General and Yeqi He as CCFA Treasurer.

Thank you all for your dedication and contribution to the success of CCFA! We are looking forward to your continuous support and working together to help CCFA become a better and stronger organization!

Wish You a Prosperous 2015!

 Dianna Zhang

President of CCFA

On behalf of CCFA executive committee

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